Did the Verizon Palm Pixi/Pre Plus Actually Do Pretty Well?


I just ran across an analysis at asymco.com intended to compare Verizon’s smartphone sales overall (and primarily Android) to AT&T’s iPhone sales. I don’t care about that so much, but what I did find interesting in the analysis (if the numbers are at all accurate) is just how many Palm webOS devices seem to have […]

Pre-Paid Palm Phones on Verizon? Maybe


According to Engadget, a document is circulating that allegedly shows a variety of smartphones, including the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus, available with pre-paid plans at Verizon. No pricing is available, and the document’s veracity hasn’t been confirmed, but it’s interesting nonetheless. Update: Twitter user @Nergal2 points out that the “3G Smartphone” row header […]

Verizon Phasing Out the Pre Plus?


According to Engadget, the Pre Plus is being phased out by Verizon, which could mean a replacement is coming soon: Judging from some documents we’ve received, Big Red is looking to clear out a lot of inventory right about now — presumably to make room for some upcoming models, some of which we’ve already heard […]