Rahul Sood Joins Microsoft

Well, we’ve just found out where HP’s former guru of gaming is ending up. He’ll be at Microsoft, doing cool stuff with interactive entertainment. In his own words: Well, it’s probably time I let the cat out of the bag. I am happy to announce that I’ll be joining Microsoft as the GM for System […]

Rahul Sood Leaving HP

It’s the end of an era (and likely the beginning of another), at least for high-end gaming and certainly for the webOS community. We’re losing one of our most vocal supporters at HP, Rahul Sood, who is retiring from his position as HP CTO of Gaming and moving on to other exciting things. Rahul was […]

How Does HP’s Rahul Sood Feel About the Palm Pre 2?


Well, kind of just like this: Sounds good to me. Too bad I can’t get one on Sprint.