HP Announces Slate 500 for Corporate Customers

HP’s made it clear that their Windows 7 tablet, the HP Slate 500, is for corporate customers. This makes perfect sense to me. As a long-time Tablet PC user, I’ve been a fan of the convertible tablet for almost a decade. That means I’m a fan of the kind that’s a “normal” notebook computer with […]

Windows 7 Slate Video Out in the Wild

Via webOSround.com we have a video from someone who’s gotten their hot little hands all over HP’s upcoming Windows 7 Slate: It’s just a prototype, and we don’t really know how close it is to release. But, it certainly has some things the iPad doesn’t have including the cameras and expandability we saw earlier in […]

Should the HP/Palm webOS Slate Use a Pen?

A brief story in The Examiner speculates that the upcoming HP/Palm webOS slate could include a digital pen (note: not a stylus) for handwriting and drawing. Some folks wonder whether if this would be a good idea, being concerned that including a pen would change the nature of the device. I would argue that, yes, […]