Half of All Americans to Use Smartphones by End of 2011

In my last weekly column at WindowsRoundup.com, I discussed how HP Palm have some time to take advantage of the nascent nature of the smartphone market and its increasing fragmentation. I based this on the statistic of around 20% of Americans owning a smartphone today. It looks like I was just a bit off—in fact, […]

The Next webOS Smartphone: Another Rumor

webOS World has published another rumor about the next webOS smartphone, and this one’s a doozy: Initially the Palm c40 (under Palm) was put in two concepts designs. One was a slide out portrait, very reminiscent of the Pre. The other was a horizontal slider very much like the Epic 4G.  The stats back in […]

HP Loves All Its Products, Not Just Smartphones

There’s still talk, believe it or not, around the question of whether or not HP is interested in making smartphones. Some of it is concern from smartphone aficionados that smartphones won’t take their proper and necessary place at the center of HP’s mobile strategy. Some—or most—of it is from the same doom-and-gloomers who seem Hell-bent […]