What I Hope to See from HP on February 9

I was thinking over the weekend about my future gadget plans, and discovered that it’s actually a bit premature to start making any decisions (a “duh” moment if ever there was one). That internal discussion led me to start pondering what I want from technology in general over the next year or so, and how […]

Note to HP: Use This Screen or Something Like It

Okay, HP, if you want to make folks in the webOS community happy—I mean, really, really happy—with the upcoming PalmPad tablet (besides changing the name, that is), then put a Qualcomm Mirasol screen in the thing. Seriously, now, just think about it: sunlight readable screen the competes with e-Ink, and high-refresh color that competes with […]

Blackberry Playbook Beats HP and Palm to the Punch

Yes, it’s true: RIM has a webOS cards-like multitasking system running on a tablet (in public) before HP and Palm. Bummer. It’s not exactly the same, but it’s close enough for government work. What’s worst is that whatever HP and Palm do release, at least on a tablet, will suddenly seem derivative. Oh, and might […]