Did the Verizon Palm Pixi/Pre Plus Actually Do Pretty Well?


I just ran across an analysis at asymco.com intended to compare Verizon’s smartphone sales overall (and primarily Android) to AT&T’s iPhone sales. I don’t care about that so much, but what I did find interesting in the analysis (if the numbers are at all accurate) is just how many Palm webOS devices seem to have […]

Palm Pre 2 Verified on Verizon for Q4 2010


Yes, I know: I haven’t posted much this week. I’ve been that busy. And so I hate for this to be my first post since forever, but it’s important enough that I’ve set some things aside. It’s also behind the news curve a bit, but that’s life sometimes. Simply put, Verizon has verified that the […]

Who Makes the Decision to Carry a Smartphone?

With the recent revelation that Verizon is apparently going to carry the Palm Pre 2, some folks in the webOS community are wondering if Sprint will get it, as well. That’s a valid question, and so far we have no idea one way or another. However, as some people anticipate (perhaps prematurely) that Sprint may […]