webOS Community Gets Another Blow

The latest round of bad (alleged) news is making its way through the webOS community, this time around the fact that the webOS 2.X update for legacy devices may not arrive until sometime in the first quarter. Precentral reports: Palm promised that HP webOS 2.0 would be available by the end of 2010. In a […]

webOS 2.0 – Looking Even More Productive

Precentral posted a video demonstrating how the webOS userspace can be managed for optimal productivity. It’s an amazing video for two reasons. First, webOS 2.0 takes the productivity of webOS to another level entirely. From the looks of it, there’s no mobile OS that can match webOS for the sheer ability to actually get things […]

Quickoffice Announces webOS Office Productivity App

With the formal announcement of webOS 2.0 past us, Quickoffice has just announced their involvement with the most significant upgrade of the mobile OS to date. While the version that’s included in webOS 2.0 will replace Dataviz’s archaic and unsupported version by providing enhanced Office document viewing and cloud access capabilities, Quickoffice will be providing […]