Nobody’s Perfect

As I continue to evaluate my technology needs in the face of HP’s upcoming event on 2/9 (and to a lesser extent, Sprint’s event 2/7), I’m struck with how every available platform has something that significantly detracts from its potential value to me. Whether it’s HP Palm (webOS), Apple (iOS), Google (Android), or Microsoft (Windows […]

A Windows Phone 7 Postmortem

For a variety of reasons (such as those I already briefly mentioned), I’m no longer spending time trying out and writing about Windows Phone 7. It’s possible that I could return to it should I have the time and inclination, but for now I’ve put Microsoft’s new mobile platform behind me. In fact, I’m evaluating […]

Windows Phone 7 From a webOS Perspective

I’ve been working with and writing about Windows Phone 7 over at Windows Roundup for a few weeks now, and thought I’d take a few minutes to jot down some notes about Microsoft’s new OS from the perspective of a webOS enthusiast. Some of my impressions may surprise you, while others won’t. For a general […]